Vocal Collective Choir

Vocal Collective Choir


February 10, 2023


7:30 PM


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Vocal Collective Choir presents: “A Winter Concert”

Vocal Collective sprang to life as a Mixed Chamber choir in the fall of 2017. Vocal Collective is a growing family of community choirs based in the Parkland region. After weathering the storm of the Global Pandemic, Vocal Collective is excited to present a full slate of performances this Concert Season. Having hosted a “Christmas Cabaret'' and reception in December 2022, the choir is proud to present its first full concert of 2023. To meet the demand for high quality choral music in our community, this season they’ve brought back their women’s choir, Vocal Women, for their Winter and Spring Concerts.

Vocal Collective is proud to present a collection of music celebrating the winter season at Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove on Friday, February 10th, at 7:30 pm.

Tickets: $17.00 all ages